Historic Restoration

One of the most important steps to take when planning the restoration of a heritage home, is to hire a general contractor who understands older homes. Our team at Bridge Valley Construction has the expertise to renovate with historical preservation codes and values in mind. In particular, there are a few areas for homeowners and contractors to consider when approaching a restoration project:


Heritage windows are distinctive so modernizing for efficiency without considering how replacement frames and panes will impact the aesthetic tone of your historic home can lead to problems. You may even want to consider re-building existing heritage windows with modern materials. We can advise you on this most important detail.


Altering roof lines can be tricky with old homes, whether they are officially designated as historic or not. All roof replacement work, including the color and texture of shingles and eavestroughing should be carefully considered in order to preserve the integrity of the original design.


Exterior paint colors, including trim, doors and window frames, should stick closely to the original design concept of the heritage home. This may be prescribed by historic designation or it may be up to the homeowner and contractor to research and source finishes that won’t clash with the home’s historic demeanor.

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