Like many homeowners, you may be preparing for the challenging task of providing in-home caregiving services for an aging loved one. Age in place plans for elderly adults tend to work best when they have ample support for their relatives. You may be a senior who is looking for ways to simplify your life and increase your home safety on your own. There are a number of ways that you can enhance your bathroom with the bathroom remodeling contractors in Doylestown.

One of the most important things to remember when using these services is that you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to achieve higher levels of safety and functionality. Senior-ready bathrooms can still boast sleek, sophisticated looks while offering environments and features that are flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate everyone in the home. This is known as universal design and it is something that we are quite familiar with at Bridge Valley Construction Inc.

We can certainly assist you in finding and installing attractive walk-in tubs for your aging guests. We also have options in frameless shower enclosures and can implement designs that completely eliminate the need to step up and step down when entering and exiting the showering area. According to the mobility challenges that your senior loved one is facing, we can find the perfect solution for your home.

There is a number of impressive wet room designs that we can implement. Not only do these feature totally slip-proof floor surfaces, but they are also easy to clean and easy to use when wheelchair-bound or needing other assistive appliances. Best of all, wet rooms can feature multiple shower heads throughout, which allows for a truly luxurious showering experience at any age.

Our renovation projects can be as simple as installing a few grab bars and moving a few amenities around for ease of access, or as complex as hollowing bathrooms out and redesigning them entirely from floor to ceiling. We can assist with cabinet and vanity selections, commode upgrades, lighting design plans, and much, much more.

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