If you have always desired to design your own house, you need to work with custom home builders. The experts will consider your needs, preferences and goals and help you come up with a practical, yet outstanding construction plan. We are the leading custom home builder company and can give your dreams the feet to stand.

There are numerous moving parts in any building project. As you purpose to make your design a complete success, do not forget to plan on maximizing the energy efficiency. Here are several good ideas we are certain can enhance the energy efficiency of your property.

First, consider utilizing passive solar gain. This is using the energy of the sun to warm or cool down your house. For instance, you can plant deciduous trees on the west and south side of your house to provide a shade during summer. These trees will still allow the sun to warm your property during the winter when they lose their leaves.

The idea is to use features that can make your property less dependent on heating and cooling from your HVAC. You must also consider how your water is stored and heated because this is one of the most crucial parts of any customized home design. We can help you ensure that both water and energy do not go to waste.

For the best outcome, install your water heaters at the closest possible active point of use. This could be the bathroom or the kitchen. Better still; consider using tankless water heaters also known as instant heaters. This will ensure you only heat the water you want to use when you want to use it.

We can help you choose the most energy efficient lighting and appliances. Consider appliances with an Energy Star in order to lower your utility bills. LED lamps would on the other hand be an excellent lighting choice. Talk to us about your needs to conserve energy and listen to other recommendations we can offer.

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